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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Diving at dive site El-Shugarat

Name Dive Site:El-Shugarat
Depth: 10-33m (32-108ft)
Visibility: 15-30m (49-98ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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GPS:N28°21.359', E34°26.395'

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El Shugarat is also known as Little Trees because of its large forest of gorgonian fan corals. There is a nice wall along a reef table from where you go down a wall to almost 16 meters deep. There, near a sandy spot on the reef, you will find a great canyon with stunning walls. There are some magnificent pieces of black corals to be found at 30 meters. When you exit this canyon you will find the large area of gorgonians in all its shapes and forms. Napoleons and many other types of marine life are found near these walls which are covered in table, brain and soft corals. Continue diving on top of this forest until you finally get back to the reef and end up in a great lagoon. There you can see nudibranches, stingrays and many other great examples of microscopic marine life. Famous for its gorgonian fans and black coral we strongly advise to visit the deep canyon.

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Name: ayman

El Shugarat is known as 'Little Trees' in Arabic, and you will see why. This dive is one you can only make by boat. Descend down and swim along a beautiful reef wall until you come to a sandy bottom. On the deep side of the sandy bottom at around 16m you will find an impressive open canyon. When you descend between the walls of the canyon, at around 30m two big black corals will come into view on each side, take time to look for the long nose hawkfish. Exit the canyon to the left and you will swim in to a virtual forest of gorgonian fan corals. As you are flying over this site you will see them scattered down the reef wall out of sight and into the deep. As you slowly ascend while still soaring over this forest you will return back to the reef table then enter one of the most beautiful lagoons in Dahab. You can see giant table corals and all kinds of life in and around this lagoon. Once returned to the reef wall you see the last set of gorgonians and turning back into the lagoon in search for nudibranchs, blue spotted rays, crocodilefish and many other species. On the end of the lagoon you reach the canyon so take time to throw a last look inside and to get ready for the safety stop.

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