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A list of the best rated scuba dive sites in Egypt.


Rated 4.4, 30 votes

The 126 meter long Thistlegorm was discovered in 1956 by Jacques Cousteau and is one of the most famous wrecks in the world. Thistlegorm is the local name of a British vessel, which was attacked from the air and sunk in 1941 because it carried a lot of war supplies such as guns, bombs and mines. Today you can still see items such as rifles, motor bikes, train carriages and even trucks. The stern section of the wreck lies almost horizontal to the sea bed; the rest of the wreck is nearly upright. ...

Bells and Blue Hole

Rated 4.4, 24 votes

The Bells and Blue Hole are actually two dive sites, but dive operators often dive it as a single drift dive. Accessible only by jeep, the dive often starts at the Bells. This is a hole in the reef at 5 meter from where you will be going down to a depth of about 27 meter through some kind of 'chimney', representing the shape of a bell. There you enter the open ocean after swimming past some beautiful caves and cavelets. You will pass some spectacular vertical walls swimming southward before you ...

Shark, Jolande Reef and Anemone City

Rated 4.1, 26 votes

Shark and Yolanda Reefs are two twin mounts that extends for hundreds of meters below the surface. This dive is best and most often done as a drift dive dropping in on Anenome City. Then swim across blue for a few minutes to hit shark reef, which starts at about 26 meters below the surface and resembles a submerged mountain peak. The eastern end of the site is a sheer vertical wall that extends to the sea bed downwards. Whichever side you choose the current will take you on to Yolanda reef, an...

Elphinstone Reef

Rated 4.3, 19 votes

Elphinstone Reef or Sha'ab Abu Hamra, located 20 kilometers out of Marsa Alam, is a reef not bigger than 300 meters in length. Its spectacular walls drop far below 100 meter on both sides of the reef. Strong currents make this a perfect drift dive along steep walls with many species of fish and covered in soft corals. Life which can be seen here include barracuda, angel fish, and hoards of anthias, groupers, morays and shoals of Suez fusiliers. The reef is covered in soft coral and to t...

Rosalie Moller

Rated 4.8, 6 votes

North in the straits of Gubal lies one of the most interesting wrecks in the area. The Rosalie Moller with a length of 108 meters was originally built in Glasgow under the name of Francis in the year 1910. She was sold to the Moller Line in 1931 when she got her final name. She was a coal ship which was bombed by German fighter jets in October 1941, when she was bringing coal to Alexandria. Now she rests in waters not often visited and is one of the best remained shipwrecks in Egypt. This wr...

Gota Abu Ramada

Rated 4.8, 8 votes

Gota Abu Ramada, also named the Aquarium, is a dive site full of marine life and great for photographers. At only an hour boat ride from Hurghada it is also one of the best accessible. Actually, it is amazing how this reef survives and continuous to live with these amount of divers visiting it. You will see different types of bannerfish, anthias, parrotfish, angelfish and butterflyfish. But also eagle rays, bigeyes, snappers, sweetlips and trevallies are quite common inhabitants. Don't forget th...

Abu Hashish

Rated 4.7, 6 votes

Abu Hashish is a very shallow dive site and means father of grass. Many stories are told about Egyptian sailors who dropped here their hashish, but actually the dive site is named after the amount of sea grass that is found at this site. When currents are to strong, the dive is often done by drifting from the north to the south along the reef. Boats often moor in the sheltered and shallow lagoon nearby. You can leave the lagoon through a small canyon to enter a sandy plateau full of well co...

Sha'ab El Fanadir

Rated 4.6, 5 votes


Sha'ab Umm Gamar

Rated 4.5, 6 votes

Umm Qamar is a small island halfway between Giftun and Shatwan island and one of the furthest dive sites reachable by day boats from Hurghada and El Gouna. The southeast side is the place where boats anchor and where the reef has been able to grow, sheltering from the northern wind. Sha'ab Umm Gamar translates as 'part of mother the moon' and is a long isolated reef formed by an underwater mountain. At its southeastern side is a very steep wall where many species of pelagic hunt for smaller fish...

Marsa Abu Dabbab

Rated 4.4, 7 votes