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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Diving at dive site Myserique or El Mazeriq

Name Dive Site:Myserique or El Mazeriq
Depth: 5-35m (16-114ft)
Visibility: 10-50m (32-164ft)
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Myserique is a beautiful shore based dive site located at 7 kilometers south of Nuweiba. Swimming outwards at the gradual descending sandy slope you will see coral hills and valleys. There is many life such as crabs and shrimps, but also octopuses and free-swimming moray eels are often seen. When you continue diving you will come to stunning ravines with walls full of soft and hard corals. Swimming over and around these ravines and hills will give you a flying like impression.

The hills and valleys are covered in coral, especially brain, fan and table corals. There is a huge brain coral boulder of 5 meter diameter which is often called Brian's Brains, probably after a diver named Brian which was very smart (or very dumb if you think Brian's brain is a small piece of coral). There is also a large resident Napoleon wrasse, which is not very shy to humans. Enjoy this beautiful navigation area and stunning underwater landscape.

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