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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Scuba diving Rocky Island is diverse with stunning soft coral formations on the north side, sharks on the southeast and wall drifting in the east.

Name Dive Site:Rocky Island
Depth: 10-40m (32-131ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Live-aboard
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Rocky Island is a very popular oval shaped scuba diving sand island in the middle of the Red Sea, about 5 kilometers southeast of Zabargad and one of the four Marine Park Islands. Only reachable by liveaboards on the Zabargad tour, it is actually a tiny rocky outcrop not more than a few feet above the waves offering several dive sites and bays. Dive boats often anchor on the south side of the island from where you can dive the sheltered east or west side.

Steep dropoffs are surrounding the rocky island, but beautiful decorated ledges, caves cutting into the reef overgrown with hard corals and marine species in such great numbers and great diversity make Rocky Island excellent for diving.

In the right conditions it is possible to see just anything. Sharks sightings and big fish encounters are common on the south-east corner of the island, often the place with the strongest currents making it ideal for hammerheads, silver sharks and grey sharks. Drifting is often the norm here and you might be lucky spotting even a manta rays or whale sharks. The more rougher north side of the island is without doubt one of the best spots for soft corals and its underwater creatures. Unfortunately, you might have to surface swim amongst high waves as most zodiacs have trouble bringing you here. Be careful not to get scratched because of strong surge here. Other interesting species not often found on more common dives in mainland Egypt are sailfish and dolphins.

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