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Lars Hemel
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Diving at Jackson Reef at dive site Lara Ship Wreck, Ryusei Maru or Million Hope

Name Dive Site:Jackson Reef, Lara Ship Wreck
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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The Lara Ship Wreck, half above and half in the ocean water, was made in Germany in 1956 and struck Jackson reef in 1982. There are many stories about the Lara. There are rumors about insurance fraud, because fuel levels of the Lara turned out to be such that the ship couldn't go any further than this reef, as if it was planned this way! There are rumors that people remained on board for more than two years after the ship sank, giving rise to a great location for drug smuggling. The ship definitely has a strange appearance. It's the only ship, where the steel plates have been removed, as to cover up the story that the ship had sunk. Also, different huge parts of the Lara seem to have been cut in pieces and pushed over the reef, where they disappeared out of sight and dropped into waters of 50 meters deep. Fascinating deep dives are the result.

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