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Lars Hemel
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Diving at Sha'ab Umm Gamar or its southern neighbor

Name Dive Site:Sha'ab Umm Gamar
Depth: 10-40m (32-131ft)
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Umm Qamar is a small island halfway between Giftun and Shatwan island and one of the furthest dive sites reachable by day boats from Hurghada and El Gouna. The southeast side is the place where boats anchor and where the reef has been able to grow, sheltering from the northern wind. Sha'ab Umm Gamar translates as 'part of mother the moon' and is a long isolated reef formed by an underwater mountain. At its southeastern side is a very steep wall where many species of pelagic hunt for smaller fish. There is also a plateau at its western side which is full of small caves and overhangs. Also here is a generally sloping wall which finally plummets into the deep, unfortunately not as steep as at its southeastern neighbor.

Sha'ab Ruhr Umm Gamar is a long reef at one kilometer south of Umm Gamar. It is the tip of an underwater sea mountain and has about the same dive specifics as its neighbor. Some stunning walls, caves, overhangs and some remains of Egyptian vessels. A small patrol boat lies in 25 meters and an Egyptian safari boat named the Colona IV now lies in waters of 70 meters deep, perfect for a nice nitrox dive.

It is the amount and diversity of fish that makes this reef famous. Years of fish feeding have resulted in very tame species which are very used to divers. The plateau has residents such as Napoleon wrasses and large groupers. You will also see morays, tuna, whitetips, jacks and many species of the more common reef fish. The wall and steep drop-off to the northeast are some of the most attractive spots, but don't forget the three huge boulders which are home to many reef species.

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