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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Diving at ship wreck El Mina

Name Dive Site:El Mina
Depth: 26-36m (85-118ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Inserted/Added by: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

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El Mina or the Harbour Wreck is a 70 meter long Egyptian minesweeper that was sunk by an Israeli fighter in 1969 during the 6 day war. It is very hard to locate at such a short distance from the shore and the Hurghada harbor. Large aircraft guns and ammunition can still be found on the wreck. There are many holes which are all fabulous to peek through as she lies on her side. Entering the ship besides the huge starboard side blasthole is not recommended because of the always strong northern wind, the loose wires and the instability of the wreck.

Fish and coral are not spectacular although you will see glassfish, morays, shrimp and many razor sharp shells and sea urchins covering the hull. There are also jacks and barracuda circling above you in the blue. Even some anemones and clownfish can be found, but that is about all that adds to the color. It is a spectacular dive as there are not many ship minesweeper wrecks in the world.

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Name: lars, © Author: Lars Hemel

The wreck dive El Mina was nice but since she was a relatively young wreck, you should not expect much coral and marine life or you might get disappointed. You should dive here to see its bombs and turrets. I also saw a toilet and at the back there was a huge school of lion fish, 9 at least.

Unfortunately, Brigitte couldn't go because as an open water diver she is not allowed to dive this deep yet. She was very disappointed and the master scuba diver said that I could go and tell her all about it afterwards. Lucky me since Brigitte and I had only paid for two dives a day and this day I was going to dive three times.

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