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Lars Hemel
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PADI 471740
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Diving at dive site Turtle Bay

Name Dive Site:Turtle Bay
Depth: 9-25m (29-82ft)
Visibility: 10-30m (32-98ft)
Accessibility: Shore
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Turtle Bay is actually a dive site which is often combined with neighboring dive site Paradise and/or Amphoras. You are most likely to do this dive by drifting along the reef from the north or south depending on the currents. Turtle Bay is the part of the reef where a slope appears between 9 and 25 meters. There, near the drop-off, is a vertical wall going deeper than 50 meters. The area is covered with coral towers, pinnacles and is one of the favorite playgrounds for turtles.

Ideal for snorkeling as most can be seen in the shallow parts as well. There are lovely soft coral gardens, huge pieces of salad coral and an extremely wide variety of marine life. Be careful when you enter this site from shore as it is quite common to get scratched by the coral during low tide.

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